I met a guy on my street last night who named his dog Sequel. Of course right off the bat he knew who I named my dog after (hint: she's a princess in a galaxy far, far away), and I told him if he should get another dog, why not name it Threequel. We laughed. Ha Ha. And then on the way back to my apartment Indiana Jones 4 popped into my head. Is there a name for all those fourth installments out there? Are they simply called fourquels? That sounds weird; kind of like medicine you take to keep you out of the bathroom. But anyway, Indiana Jones 4 is gearing up to have some kind of presence at San Diego ComicCon, and someone has already snatched up the first pic of an Indy 4 display on the Con floor. Major props go out to the guy or girl who risked their job (I imagine) to snap the photo you see to the right of your screen (click on it for a larger version courtesy of SlashFilm).

We're being told this display is part of the Hasbro booth on the main ComicCon floor. Additionally, Star Wars boxes are lying beside it -- although you cannot make out what's in the boxes. It's already been announced that Hasbro will launch an entire line of action figures, vehicles and games that will most likely tie into the upcoming movie. As we can see, there looks to be a miniature temple of sorts inside the glass case -- one I'm sure will play a pivotal role in the film. Notice how it just says Indiana Jones underneath, minus a title. I wonder if the title will be part of a panel discussion, or if Spielberg and Co. aren't ready to give it up just yet. From what we've been hearing, they're currently using the working title Indiana Jones and the City of Gods. The ComicCon madness begins tomorrow, and Indiana Jones 4 will hit theaters on May 22, 2008.

Bonus trivia question: Name all the movie franchises that stopped after the fourth installment.