I first met Arin Crumley and Susan Buice back when their film Four Eyed Monsters premiered at the Gen Art Film Festival in 2005. At the time they were just two run-of-the-mill indie filmmakers who were trying to work the festival circuit and land distribution for their film. Little did anyone know at the time, but these two amazing artists would help pave the way for a generation looking to change the ways in which we watch, promote and distribute films. Since 2005, Arin and Susan have been working full-time to not only spread word about their little film (which never found distribution, but still managed to score two Independent Spirit Award nominations this past year), but also open up new avenues for folks to experience film.

Last month, Four Eyed Monsters became the first film to be shown (for free) on YouTube in its entirety. And, as part of a promotion with Spout.com, anyone who signs up for a free Spout account will have one dollar donated (out of Spout's wallet, not yours) in their name to Arin and Susan. Their hope is to eventually raise $100,000 -- the total amount of debt they've accumulated over the past three and half years. As of now, they've managed to get roughly 36,000 people to sign up -- but they're looking for more. The promotion runs through August 15th, so head on over to Spout to help pitch in. After the jump, you'll find the first part of my two-part interview with Arin. Additionally, for the first time in Cinematical history, you can watch video of our entire 40-minute phone interview (from Arin's point of view) above. In part one Arin and I discuss the Spout promotion, how they managed to accumulate $100,000 worth of debt on such a low budget film, whether the two filmmakers would ever be interested in writing a book about their experiences, the disadvantages of extreme self-promotion, their ultra-popular video podcasts and the pressures that come along with building a massive fanbase. Check back Friday for part two, and enjoy.