In a ridiculous attempt to drum up more interest in SiCKO, Michael Moore is running a contest this weekend where, when it's all said and done, the writer-director will show up to a Republican's house and do their laundry. I kid you not. The actual application (which you can find via this link) begins with: "Can you imagine someone from the government coming to your home to help you with laundry? Well, they do it in France and if you enter the contest this weekend you will have the chance to win the same treatment for a Republican friend of yours from Michael Moore himself!" Unfortunately, I'm not a Republican -- but even so, who in their right mind would want Michael Moore showing up to do laundry? Then again, maybe there are some warped people out there. Hang on, let me ask my wife if she wants that guy handling her underwear ... with a camera crew behind him. Because you know Moore ain't doing this without being able to post the video on his site.

But in case you're interested in this fantastic opportunity and/or feel like abusing a Republican friend of yours, here's what you need to do. First up, you need to go see SiCKO this weekend (specifically Friday, July 27 - Sunday, July 29) with a Republican friend of yours. Then you need to mail your ticket stub, a sworn statement (that you attended a screening of SiCKO with a Republican) and said Republican's contact information to the address stated on the application form. I assume after that a winner will be "randomly" chosen, and Michael Moore will show up to their house to do their laundry. I couldn't find any rules on Moore's site, but I wouldn't be surprised if the winner has to sign all kinds of documents allowing Moore to plaster their face all over the web. Hey, but if there are any Republicans out there who would love to debate Moore over a bottle of laundry detergent and some dirty underwear -- by all means, have a ball.

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