I want to start this off by saying that I love Grindhouse. I was anxiously itched for it to come out, and I absolutely adored Robert Rodriguez's Planet Terror, as well as the Danny Trejo faux trailer, Machete. (I enjoyed Death Proof as well, especially the end, but not nearly as much as the other.) Of course, I was thrilled when Trejo said that El Machetehad been greenlit by the Weinsteins. Now, I'm not so sure -- at least, not sure if Rodriguez's nieces are to be believed -- the movie might not be a feature on its own.

While chatting with Bloody Disgusting, Electra andElise Avellan said: "Robert said he'd do it [Machete], and asked for us to be in it," and "Robert wants to do Grindhouse 2 with [the two films being] Machete and The Babysitter Twins." I'm sure fans of the twins will love this news, but it just isn't working for me. Although Rodriguez is currently working on Barbarella, the twins say that they already know a bit about the potential plot. Electra said: "Robert mentioned something about the end of the world and Hollywood action films, where we'd be trained in Mexico to come back here and fight," while Elise says: "Hollywood starts f*cking with us, so we start killing... we [would] kill Harvey Weinstein in the movie, although that's just talk [right now]." This is all just the rumor stage, so I'm hoping it stays that way -- or, that they morph it a little. Maybe machine-gun-leg Rose McGowan trains them and they're her right-hand women or something. Otherwise, let Trejo shine on his own.
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