For what could either be his next Falling Downor his next Bad Company, director Joel Schumacher is in negotiations to helm a remake of Johnny To's Breaking News. The project has been set up at Paramount Vantage with Alex de Rakoff (The Calcium Kid)penning the adaptation and Paul Brooks (White Noise) producing. Brooks is currently working with Schumacher on the Nazi vampire movie Town Creek, which Lions Gate will release next year. The original Breaking News is a Hong Kong cat-and-mouse actioner about a police inspector on the trail of a bank robber. The game begins with an embarrassing surrender by the police force, which is broadcast through the media. So, in order to boost the public image of the police, the inspector now needs a publicly aired victory, and he hopes this will happen with his capture of one of the robbers, who is hiding out with an innocent father and son.

Following his recent joke of a movie, The Number 23, and after Town Creek, which I can only imagine will be another bad occult-based pic, Schumacher will be in need of a decent police thriller. The thing about Schumacher is he's fully capable of doing a few awful films and then an occasional good one. I'd much prefer Breaking News to be on the level of Falling Down, and not Bad Company, but I'd settle for it to be another Phone Booth, which was somewhere in between those two. Earlier this year Paramount attached Schumacher to another supernatural movie called Inland Saints, but hopefully Breaking News comes first so the director can have a little rest from the spooky films -- he's not going to deliver another Lost Boysor even another Flatlinersanyway, and working in another genre may keep him off the crazy idea that he'd be good to direct a Sandman movie.

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