Samuel Goldwyn Films will release Richard Kelly'sSouthland Tales to U.S. theaters this fall, according to an indieWIRE report. The controversial film, set in a near-future quasi-police state America, premiered at Cannes last year and promptly disappeared, buried under an avalanche of largely negative reviews. Kelly was supposedly working on re-editing the film, but some -- including cast member Mandy Moore -- wondered whether it would ever resurface.

As Patrick Walsh reported earlier this month, Moore also had no idea if her character would survive the changes: "They had to cut it down so much, and maybe they just cut out my character altogether." Have no fear, Mandy: the indieWIRE report includes your name in the cast, along with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson (as an amnesiac action star married to Moore), Sarah Michelle Gellar (as an adult film star), Seann William Scott (as a police officer), Justin Timberlake (as an Iraq war veteran), Cheri Oteri, Kevin Smith and Amy Poehler.

About that long delay? "The time and additional visual effects that were added have allowed me to achieve my original vision for Southland Tales," Kelly is quoted as saying. "The fans' response has been overwhelming and I anticipate that moviegoers will respond enthusiastically." indieWIRE also says that Kelly "will be at Comic-Con in San Diego this Friday from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 to sign autographs and greet fans." Southland Tales is now scheduled to bow in theaters on November 9. Until then, you can play around on the very cool official site and listen to some of Moby's music.
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