Last October, Matt Bradshaw posted about the world's first movie with Muslim zombies -- Zibahkhana, or, Hell's Ground. The first feature of Pakistani film historian and ice cream shop owner Omar Khan, Ground follows, as the CBC describes it: "five jeans-clad teenagers who cut classes, then lose their way en-route to a rock concert. The story unfolds with blood, gore and a measure of humour as they stumble across a psychotic family, zombies and a cannibalistic killer dressed in a burqa." Khan says that it reflects the values of Westernized Pakistani youths who feel alienated in the country's mainly rural culture.

Last October, the film had yet to screen. Now, after sold-out unofficial screenings in Pakistan (where viewers cheered), as well as time at film fests in Denmark and Philly, Khan is hoping that the film will get by Pakistani censors and get released in August. The new director thinks his film is what is needed for the ailing Lollywood, Pakistan's struggling film industry. At the very least, it is unique and entertaining subject matter for an industry that relies on Bollywood-style filmmaking. "We'd like to rock the movie scene here," Khan says. "Our film demolishes all the traditional filmmaking barriers in Pakistan. We hope it will inspire some to take more risks." It certainly could do that. While horror is starting to head into a slump here in North America, we've seen great success in international horror films like The Host, which won a slew of South Korean Blue Dragon awards. Time will tell if Khan's "very low budget, scuzzy, rough-edged, cheesy little horror film" will do the same. Meanwhile, you can check out the film's wacky, full trailer here.
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