I wonder where that Star Wars kid is now? Remember the dude who taped himself imitating the Darth Maul character from Star Wars Episode I? The video subsequently leaked online and the poor kid was put through hell for years; his family even went so far as to file a lawsuit against the kids who placed the footage on the net. Well, wherever he is, I bet he'd love to audition for this latest contest sponsored by The Weinstein Co. and Dailymotion. In an attempt to promote Kyle Newman's Fanboys, Dailymotion is hosting a contest in which fans can upload videos of themselves showing just how big a fanboy (or fangirl) they really are. Users will then have a chance to vote for their favorites, and once it's narrowed down to the top ten, Fanboys producers will award one lucky individual with a walk-on role in Fanboys. Yeah, I know -- I can't believe they're not done shooting that film either.

In addition to landing a role in the film, your video will also be included as a special feature on the Fanboys DVD. Not for nothing, but I'd say those are pretty cool prizes -- if only to use as bragging rights in your highly-competitive, yet tight-knit circle of Star Wars friends. "Seth has every Han Solo line of dialogue memorized -- oh yeah, well I'm in Fanboys biotch! Beat that!" I imagine you'll have to get creative, as the competition will be pretty stiff. Dailymotion already has up a slew of videos that were shot during the recent Star Wars Convention, where plenty of Princess Leias were sporting their half-nekkedness for all to see. That's not to say you guys should break out that Luke Skywalker thong you received as a gag gift at the your last Star Wars party -- but I would suggest using your imagination a bit. High production value and groovy special effects usually go a long way when it comes to getting votes, so now might be the time to cash in that favor from your friend who works at that post-production house. For more info on the contest, head on over to FanboyContest.com or Dailymotion.com for rules, guidelines, etc ... And don't forget to go see Fanboys when it hit theaters this January.

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