I'll spare you all the superlatives and geek-tastic enthusiasm. If you've got half a working brain then you're already well aware of how respected, admired, intelligent, entertaining and just plain awesome Ridley Scott'sBlade Runner is. (Either that or you haven't seen it yet, in which case I envy you a whole lot.) We've been reading about an alleged "mega supreme" DVD edition for what feels like a thousand years ... but now we have a release date. Two, actually! And lucky you if you happen to live in New York or Los Angeles!

October 5 is when Mr. Scott's Blade Runner: The Final Cut will hit a few theaters in New York and L.A. The rest of us will have to wait until December 18, which is when Warner Bros. Home Video aims to release three separate editions of the movie's long-awaited "definitive" cut. Here's the platter breakdown:

1. The two-disc Special Edition, which will probably run you about 18 bucks.

2. The four-disc Collector's Edition, which has two more discs and therefore a lot more stuff.

3. The five-disc Ultimate Collector's Edition, which will contain all of the above plus a fifth disc AND some "Deckard Briefcase" packaging. More those hardcore sci-fi mega-nerds out there. (Hiya fellas. See you at Best Buy.)

Regarding the new version of the film, it's been remastered, rescored, and all kinds of rejiggered -- hopefully for the best. (Long-running complaints about voice-over narration and origami aside, It's not like the last version was really "lacking," now was it?) New scenes and dialog have been added; effects have been polished; you name it. Extras-wise, sheesh. Where to begin? Audio commentaries, a 3.5 (!) hour retrospective documentary and (deep breath) "hours of enhanced content containing featurettes and galleries devoted to over 45 minutes of deleted and alternate scenes recently discovered in deep storage and approved by Ridley Scott, visual effects as well as background on author Philip K. Dick, script development, abandoned sequences, conceptual design, overall impact of the film and how it lead to the birth of cyberpunk. Trailers, TV spots and promotional featurettes will also be included." Whew!

You gotta be kidding me. I'm writing to Santa right this second. And I'm Jewish. (Check out our previous Blade Runner ravings here, here and here.)
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