Well well well ... if it isn't our old friend Cloverfield popping up one more time with another vague piece of marketing material. The good news is that we can say, for sure, that this is the official teaser poster for the J.J. Abrams-produced "monster movie" heading our way this January 18, 2008. Entertainment Weekly were the lucky ones who got to debut the poster, which looks eerily similar to the one that's been floating around the internet (via a blurry cellphone snapshop), except it doesn't have the word 'Monstrous' scrawled across the top. Will it eventually be called Monstrous? Was that a fake title cleverly inserted by a fan looking to mess with us some more? Hell if I know, but this new poster -- coupled with EW's bizarre description -- is enough to drive anyone mad.

As you can see, the Statue of Liberty is missing its head, there's a huge hole in the New York City skyline (why do they always have to bust on my hometown? Can't the monster attack -- I dunno -- Orlando?). And right behind that monstrous gap is some sort of trail through the water, with the date 01.18.08 on the bottom of the page. EW gets real sketchy when it comes to telling us exactly what kind of monster attacks NYC. Check out what they say: "As for the monster itself, contrary to Internet speculation, it isn't a parasite, and it ain't a colossal Asian robot, either. (Some suspected Abrams was mounting a live-action version of the Japanese anime/manga classic Voltron. Nope.) So then what is it? Notice how they do not say anything about Godzilla, although why would Abrams make a Godzilla flick when we already had one shoddy remake back in 1998. Perhaps they're remaking it again to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of the Matthew Broderick stinker? Or maybe, just maybe, this is an entirely new creature. Hopefully Abrams himself will shed more light on this over the weekend at ComicCon. Until then, enjoy ... the Statue of Liberty. Or what's left of her, anyway.

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