Click for Paramount's Comic-Con Gallery

This is going on live, so make sure you head over behind the break to check out the lastest information.

Paramount has arguably the largest showing at Comic-Con, and their massive panel is today from 1:30pm to 3:30pm Pacific. Hall H at the San Diego Convention Center, which they've designated for this sucker and is new for this year, is the single largest room at Comic-Con. You could probably park two 747s comfortably inside this place, and still have a lot of room for an entire Starfleet Academy graduating class.

I wandered past the Hall around 12pm, thinking I'd just figure out where it was logistically, and then wander the show floor for an hour or so and get some good pictures. Well, the line stretched down around like the Bataan death march, inside and outside the Convention Center, and dwindled into the distance. Once I got my jaw off the floor, I managed to figure out how to get inside, and I'm sitting here in this completely packed room, watching people go through the gift bags that Paramount gave us.