After braving the huge throng last night during Preview Night, it's Thursday in San Diego and that means its panel time. So, both Kevin and I will be slogging through the San Diego Convention Center to bring you as much info as we can during the next four days. First up for me today is actress/comic book creator Rosario Dawson and her panel where she discusses her comic book Occult Crimes Taskforce (aka OTC), its success, its future and when (or if) It's ever going to be made into a movie. Well, if you're a fan of the comic book and Ms. Dawson, I won't leave you in suspense any longer: it will be a movie.

In fact, the project was originally conceived as both a comic book and a movie from the beginning. At the moment, however, according to the actress herself, they are "still negotiating a few things and working to find a writer at the moment." So, apparently no firm deal is in place for the movie version of the comic but they do plan on doing a movie eventually and are actively searching for a screenwriter to translate the comic to the screen.

During the panel Dawson also went on to discuss various other aspects of her career, her future acting plans and her love of comic books. On the film front, the actress reveled that there will be a Sin City 2 but that "Robert (Rodriguez) is doing Barbarella first" so don't expect to see it for awhile.

She also discussed her feature producing debut Descent, which deals with some "pretty heavy subjects like rape and sexual violence" as well a her love of all-things Quentin Tarantino, whom she refers to repeatedly as a "genius" and a "phenomenon." So, if you want to keep enjoying some OCT goodness, you'll have to be content with the comic for now. Anxiously waiting for Sin City 2? Settle in as it looks to be quite some time before it gets made.