Back in February I posted here that TV and film rights to the classic horror and science fiction anthology comics Creepy and Eerie had been acquired by Submarine Entertainment and Grand Canal Film Works from original publisher James Warren. Now Variety is reporting that Submarine and Grand Canal have struck a deal with Dark Horse Entertainment, who will bring the comics back, publishing both old and new material, as well as mining the properties for film and TV development and controlling some merchandising rights. Dark Horse has previously produced the films The Mask, Hellboy and the upcoming 30 Days of Night, all of which have been based on comic book properties. Some of the talent said to be involved in the new comics will be Bernie Wrightson who co-created Swamp Thing for DC Comics as well as working on the original Creepy and Eerie, and Steve Niles who wrote the 30 Days of Night graphic novel. Cinematical recently interviewed Niles -- you can read that here.

Creepy and Eerie were originally published from the mid 1960s through 1983 by Warren Publishing, using a style very similar to that of E.C. Comics, publishers of Tales From the Crypt and several other horror and science fiction comics which served as the basis for HBO's Tales From the Cryptseries. Unlike E.C., Warren's comics were magazine-sized black and white affairs that were not subject to the restrictions of The Comics Code Authority, so gore and nudity were commonplace. Warren is also known for having published Famous Monsters of Filmland, the granddaddy of all horror movie magazines.
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