I can just see it now -- fifty years from now, news, blogs or whatever the preferred communication system is, will bring word that Diego Luna and Gael García Bernal will be collaborating on their 372nd feature, perhaps an ailing buddy movie where they take a road trip and act lasciviously, like they did all those years ago in Y tu mamá también. Last month, I posed that the pair would be reuniting to play brothers for the Iñárritu, Cuarón and del Toro film Rudo y Cursi. Only a month later, they're pairing up again. Luna has just joined Bernal on the production of Pedro Páramo, which I blogged about in May.

Bernal is already starring as Páramo, the "brutal man who married Juan Preciado's mother, stole her land and money, and destroyed her town -- Comala." Luna is now about to board in a production capacity. The duo's production and distribution company, Canana, is in final negotiations to co-produce the film. I wouldn't be surprised if we soon see Luna pop up in some sort of acting capacity -- perhaps as Preciado? The film, which heads into production this September in Mexico and Spain, has also added more talent in front of and behind the screen -- a Mexican paper says Vanessa Bauche has signed on for a role, and two Pan's Labyrinth Oscar-winners for makeup, Montse Ribé and David Martí are overseeing makeup.
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