The world outside of Taiwan and Malaysia is going to get a chance to see Lee Kang-Sheng's second directorial effort, Help Me Eros. Fortissimo Films just nabbed the worldwide distribution rights outside of those two areas. The feature is described as "a provocative, darkly comic and sexually daring film," written by Lee and produced by long-time collaborator Tsai Ming-Liang. Fortissimo co-chairman Wouter Barendrecht says: "We have known Lee Kang-Sheng for a long time... So it is very exciting to see him blossom into his own as a world-class director with this daring, hilarious and shockingly explicit film."

What makes it so provocative? According to this site, the film follows the dysfunctional lives of three people -- Nick, a drug addict who used to work in the stock market, Maria, a rape victim who now helps people on a telephone hotline and Fion, a nut seller. Basically, Nick falls for Maria while they two talk about their problems on the hotline, and pursues a relationship with the woman (who has a struggling marriage to already contend with), and Fion and Nick have a drug-laden tryst. This is only the start of the dysfunction, and I must warn that the website is pretty detailed and spoilery about what happens to the three people. A trio who also don't really need any help from Eros, considering all the lust-laden choices they make. The site does, however, offer a pretty interesting director's statement, which can give you a little insight into what in the world Lee was going for -- "a story about three people who live in a big city in pursuit of a better material life, yet their inner selves remain cold and empty." There is no word on a release date yet.
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