I don't know about you, but Three for the Road already has some cinematic meaning for me. (Although I use the term "cinema" lightly here.) Did you ever catch that truly terrible, yet somehow enjoyable, 80's road trip movie that had Alan Ruck and Charlie Sheen transporting the bad-arse Kerri Green to a detention facility? It was pretty crappy, but I ate it up by the spoonful as a kid. Now we've got the next generation, with the same name and the same point -- to bring back the spirit of the old road-trip movies that starred Bob Hope, Bing Crosby and Dorothy Lamour. Except this time, it's Japanese.

Three for the Road, otherwise known as Yajikita dôchû Teresuko, is award-winning Japanese director Hideyuki Hirayama's latest film. I'm not quite sure exactly what it's about, but GreenCine Daily has some interesting info from the film's premiere, which happened recently at the Walter Reade Theater. One of the three stars, Kanzaburo Nakamura, says that it's like a warm bath, and that "Nothing much happens, but you'll find it relaxing." While it may be relaxing, there seems to be a lot of quirk in the film. There's a trapped raccoon headed for the dinner table, who ends up getting released and turning into a child, other animals and even a pair of dice to help the trio when they go to a gambling den. That seems to be only the tip of the iceberg of this film, and it makes me curious about how comfortable and sleep-inducing it can be with such weirdness on the screen. Road will be released in Tokyo this November, but there is no word on a North American release date yet.
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