The first two photos from The Eye have hit Bloody Disgusting, and the first thought that popped into my head was: "Why is Jessica Alba so angry at her oven?" Yup, that's the beautiful Alba to the right of your screen (click on the pic for a larger version), and as you can see the cupcakes clearly aren't f**king done yet! When we last checked in on The Eye, Cinematical'sKevin Kelly was visiting the set; watching all those production people dress up a scene that was to be shot in the rain. Said scene was also the first shot of Alba's character in the film, and so lots and lots of work was going into making the thing sail.

The Eye has been around for quite some time now. First off, it's a remake of the 2002 film directed by the Pang Bros., and I know that this American version has been in the works for a few years. I remember watching about 40 minutes of the original and not liking it for some reason. Perhaps it just hit me at the wrong time (as some films often do), but I've always loved the story. Essentially, Alba plays a blind violinist who gets a cornea transplant that allows her to see for the first time since childhood. However, when she begins to experience visions of death dragging souls of of this world and into the next -- not only does it drive her crazy -- but she also looks to find out who owned the eyes originally. It's definitely one of Alba's most ambitious roles, and it will be nice to see her in a film where her outstanding figure is not the main focus. Not that there's anything wrong with Alba and/or her figure, but I'd like to see the girl show a little bit more range, instead of ass. I believe she has it in her; she just needs the right material. French helmers David Moreau and Xavier Palud are directing the remake off the original 2002 screenplay and a new one penned by a bunch of different people, with Sebastian Gutierrez (Snakes on a Plane) getting top billing. February 1, 2008 is when they're dropping this one. Watch out for it.

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