Worst Movie Remakes

Remaking a film, whether it's a classic or not, can be a tricky thing: The source material needs to be solid, there has to be an audience that will want to see the film, and -- most importantly -- there has to be a legitimate reason for an update. Regarding the final point, this "legitimate reason" cannot be making a crap-ton of money by fast-tracking a dud. It should be, as in the case of 2005's King Kong, that an update adds something to the original, such as kick-ass special effects that weren't available back in the '70s (the last time Kong graced screens), or simply makes it more accessible to modern audiences. Alas, too few movies heed this final point, and that is why so many remakes, from Planet of the Apes to Psycho, fall short of expectations.

Moviefone has ranked the 25 Worst Movie Remakes of all time, beginning with the moderately misguided and finishing up with the flagrantly bad and unnecessary. Check out the list, then share your picks for the worst remakes. Did we miss any stinkers? Did we include any that, in your opinion, are brilliant reimaginings? And, lastly, do you think Helena Bonham Carter still looks hot as an ape?