With shooting currently underway, The Incredible Hulk has added another cast member, and another villain. The Hollywood Reporter tells us that Tim Blake Nelson has signed on to play Samuel Sterns (aka The Leader); archenemy of the Hulk (Edward Norton). Nelson is a great character actor; he's appeared in a number of films, my favorite performance of his being Delmar from the Coen Bros. O' Brother, Where Art Thou. In the comics Sterns is a menial worker at a chemical research factory (always a bad sign), when an explosion causes the man to be hit with some ever-so-wonderful gamma radiation. From there, his skin turned green and he became this super-intelligent criminal with a giant oversized brain.

With Tim Roth (what is it with the Tims?) already signed on to play Emil Blonsky (The Abomination), it looks The Incredible Hulk could be heading in the direction of most comic-related films as of late -- mainly in that the flick will include two villains, instead of just one. Either that, or Sterns will not make his transformation until late in the film setting up a sequel. Folks haven't been too keen on the multiple villain angle, but if it's done well I have no problem with multiple baddies. It keeps the pace fast, and the characters constantly on their toes. But in the case of the Hulk, two villains might be two too much. Keep in mind he'll also be running from the United States Army and General "Thunderbolt" Ross (William Hurt), not to mention he'll have to find time to woo Betty Ross (Liv Tyler) in his spare time. Louis Leterrier (The Transporter) will direct Hulk this time, so I imagine we'll be seeing a slew of off-the-wall stunt action. If he tones down a little bit of what he did in Transporter, I think we'll be okay. Oh, and Zak Penn wrote the script. Look for more Hulk stuff this weekend from ComicCon, and the movie is set to arrive in theaters on June 13, 2008.

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