I guess things are starting to gear up in earnest now In San Diego so that means we're going to be seeing more and more casting, deals and other news over the next four days. Hold on as I think its going to get a little bit crazy. After all, its is Comic-Con. Some recent news to hit Variety concerns Dreamworks' acquisition of two properties from Portland-based comic book and graphic novel publisher Oni Press.

According to the article, Dreamworks grabbed the rights to the Oni titles The Dammed and Courtney Crumrin for Producers Walter Parkes, Laurie McDonald and Eric Gitter at Closed on Mondays productions. No word yet on who will adapt the graphic novels for the screen or sit in the director's chair for the films. In case you're not familiar with the two series The Dammed, written by Cullen Bunn and Brian Hurtt, concerns two rival gangs who must join forces to defeat a new and more terrifying evil that's invaded their town: a roving pack of demons.

Courtney Crumrin, a series written and illustrated by Ted Naifeh, consisting of 12 comic books compiled into three graphic novels revolves around a charming misfit who finds solace in her uncle's magical library after her social climbing parents uproot her and take her to live in her uncle's reportedly haunted house. I haven't read much of Crumrin but I'm a big fan of The Dammed so I'm pretty excited to hear Oni's getting the chance to have it on the big screen. I can't wait to see who ends up writing and directing the films as well as who eventually is cast. Maybe we'll even find out some more info over the next couple days? Hey, it is Comic-Con so really, anything is possible.