The Independent Features Film Festival opens tonight with the red carpet premiere of alleyball at Tribeca Cinemas in New York City. The fest is unique among film festivals in that the 21 films screening July 27-29 were all chosen by the audience through the internet. Over 200 films were available for viewing at the fest's website; viewers voted for the ones they thought should screen at the fest, and alleyball was the winner, beating out competition including The Tehuacan Project, narrated by Adrien Brody and exec produced by Brad Pitt.

is a quirky little rom-com about a group of guys who don't want to grow up (you can read my full review for greater detail) and I'd be interested in seeing how the audience reacts to it watching on a big screen rather than their computer screens. One thing I will say here about the film and filmmakers: alleyball is a great example of how to market an indie film, so all you struggling indie filmmakers, sit up and take notes.

First of all, the film's IMDb page is pretty complete for an indie film (although some of the cast needs to get pics up with their bios). The official website for the film is very well-designed and actually has information that's useful, both for film fans who might want to check the film out and for people trying to review the film. I was directly contacted by people connected to the film with a PR release announcing the film's inclusion in the Independent Features Film Fest, and when I requested a screener it was here within two days; they even followed up to make sure that I got the screener, and to remind me about the fest being this weekend. That kind of attention to detail gets your film noticed out of the stack of screeners that are usually threatening to topple over on top of my entertainment center.

The full slate of 21 films screens all weekend at Tribeca Cinemas; audiences will get to vote for which film they like best. Check out the full schedule, then get out there and support indie film -- and the unique combination of film fest and distribution the fest represents, and then let us know which films you liked best.
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