Before I begin, I do need to give Kevin Kelly major props for live-blogging the hell out of yesterday's Paramount panel at ComicCon. Trust me (as someone who has live-blogged a number of awards shows), it ain't that easy. When news broke that Karen Allen was officially reprising her role as Marion Ravenwood, Kevin threw up pictures from the video that was shown to the audience. Since then, a new photo has arrived (one that shows director Steven Spielberg clowning around with Allen), which you can see to the right of your screen. While we weren't totally blown away by the announcement (it had been rumored for quite awhile now), it helped solidify my anticipation for this project.

Additionally, has re-launched with a whole new look and opening theme music. Can you guess which music it is? I'm sure we'll be hearing a lot of that music in the coming months, but it won't quite hit me until I watch Indiana Jones (all 65 years of him) grace the screen with his theme slowly rising in the background. Then I'll know he's truly back. Of course Shia LaBeouf will probably ruin the moment by popping in with a one-liner or two, but it's okay. I can handle Shia if it means I get to see Indy and Marion reunite on screen for the first time since 1981. And she still looks pretty damn good, huh? I'm not sure if she'll be throwing back shots in this film like she did back in the day, but she has a smile that always brightens up the room. Now if we can just get Sean Connery to admit he's secretly going to film a cameo, we'll be good to go. Memorial Day 2008. Mark your calendar.