Michael Cera in SuperbadWe at Moviefone have got a doozy of an Unscripted interview for you. And you know what that means: We want your questions.

You probably know Michael Cera as George Michael from 'Arrested Development'; maybe you've even seen his drolly hilarious online show, 'Clark and Michael' -- either way, you know the dude's funny. Now he's been given entree into Judd Apatow's posse. He co-stars with Jonah Hill (an Apatow vet) in the Apatow-produced, Seth Rogen-written raunchfest Superbad. So, congratulate Mr. Cera on getting to play with the big boys now, and while you're at it, send some questions for him and Jonah, who'll be grilling each other for our next installment of Unscripted. (And by "grilling," we mean "interviewing" -- not some gay sex thing or anything, so get your minds out of the gutter.)

Just a reminder: Unscripted is Moviefone's star-on-star video Q&A show in which celebrities interview each other with your questions and some of their own. So stop stalking and start asking, and please provide your first name plus the city and state you live in! Submit your questions here, on the blog post, or you can text them to AskCelebs@aol.com.

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