I just watched an outdoor screening of Dazed and Confusedthe other day, and I was once again surprised to see Milla Jovovich in the movie. I always forget she's in there hiding among the huge cast, possibly because it's a such a small role, but more likely because she's such a sweet hippie chick in it. Four years after appearing in that film, she did The Fifth Element, then The Messenger, then Resident Evil. Now it almost seems like she only does movies in which she kicks serious ass. It's like she turned in the guitar and marijuana for guns and adrenaline. Not that any of us mind, of course, because there's no action heroine sexier than Jovovich. She's the reason many of us are looking forward to Resident Evil: Extinction(out September 12) despite the previous RE installment's extreme suckage.

For the new movie, Jovovich is joined by another geektastically hot actress, Heroes'Ali Larter. And in a gallery of stills from RE:Eon Yahoo! Movies, we get to see more of Larter's presence. There's one photo of her aiming a gun, non-action-like, as though she's involved in target practice. There's another pic of her hanging out with Oded Fehr, giving us her trademark teeth-exposing, upper-lip-raising, flared-nostrile intensity. There's also one of her shaking hands with Jovovich's Alice, which we saw before. Most of the other Alice stills are repeats, too, but there is an awesome shot of her in mid-flight, about to slaughter a bald baddie with her hockey-stick-like blades. And there's another one of her parked on a BMW motorcycle. From what we've so far seen from all the images, there doesn't appear to be much diversity in scenery, but we also haven't really gotten to see much of the destroyed Vegas yet, and I'm hoping that isn't because the movie lacks great set pieces.

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