, which just won the premiere slot at the Independent Features Film Festival, stars relative newcomer Johnny Ray Meeks (who also co-wrote the script) as Stuart, a middle-aged guy in Chicago who -- like the pack of friends he runs with -- doesn't want to grow up. Stuart's pals -- Stencke (According to Jim's Larry Joe Campbell), Nick (Danny McCarthy) and Cecil (Joel Spence), are a lot like him, spending their free time guzzling beer and playing whiffle ball, which seems to be their one passion in life.

All this is fine and dandy --hey, as long as you can pay the rent and buy your beer and groceries, I guess you can play at being frat boys indefinitely -- until Stuart's long-time girlfriend Alison (Kellyn Jones) drops a bomb on him: She's going to Portland on a two-month assignment, but she's decided she might really want to live there permanently. She gives Stuart two months to grow up and decide what he wants to do -- lose his adolescent ways, grow up, get a real job, give up his beloved whiffle ball and move to Portland, or lose her for good. Stuart, in his defense, does have a pretty good idea for a line of sarcastic greeting cards, but lacks the motivation and belief in himself to get it off the ground; having a girlfriend who thinks your big idea is dumb doesn't help much.
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