A friend of mine gleefully insists on referring to I Know Who Killed Me as "Lindsay Lohan's last movie ... ever!" and quite frankly, if the actress's career depended solely on the quality of this film, he might not be wrong. What is being billed as a suspenseful psychological thriller is lacking any suspense or psychological depth, and generates cheap thrills only from scenes of torture, gore, and the occasional "jump" moment of pseudo-shock. It is possibly the dumbest movie I've seen all year, surpassing Code Name: The Cleaner and Are We Done Yet?, which at least provided the occasional laugh.

The trailer and advertising for I Know Who Killed Me downplayed the fact that the R rating on this film isn't only for offensive language or nudity, but for violence and gore. I didn't realize this and judging by the number of kids in the preview screening crowd, I suspect I wasn't alone. The movie contains graphic scenes of dismemberment (and attempted re-attachment a la Sicko), photos of mutilated dead bodies, and torture-style violence. The decline of popularity in "torture porn" might have caused Tri-Star to downplay this aspect of the film, but it is a disservice to parents whose children still like Lohan from her Mean Girls and Herbie Fully Loaded days.