In case you missed it during our liveblogged coverage of ComicCon's Paramount panel, here's the new teaser poster for Star Trek (click on it for a bigger image). If you missed the coverage altogether, you can go back and check it out (including the Paramount photo gallery) -- actually, you must go and check it out. It was awesome. And I rarely think things are awesome. Also, for those who did follow live, we've since put up the photo coverage, which you might not have seen yet (including a pic of Karen Allen on the Indiana Jones IV set!!)

Anyway, during the Star Trek portion of the panel, the forthcoming film's director, J.J. Abrams, officially revealed that Heroes' Zachary Quinto is going to play a young Spock. And then, after introducing Quinto, he brought out Leonard Nimoy, who will also be playing Spock. Like, a lot of you probably got the idea that Nimoy would be bookending the new movie, which would serve as a sort of flashback. But considering Abrams also mentioned that he hasn't figured out yet how to get William Shatner into the movie (so he doesn't feel snubbed), JoBlo's reminiscing plot doesn't seem likely. The other big news revealed during the panel is that Abrams has still not found his young Kirk. And he was apparently looking for ideas from the audience. I wonder if he got any feedback.