If you thought a majority of the big ComicCon news swept through with yesterday's Paramount panel, think again. Warner Bros. is set to make their presentation this afternoon. And you know what that means -- dun dun dun -- The Dark Knight. It would appear as if Warners lit the Batman torch a bit early, as another one of those teaser websites popped up online last night. This one is a play on those old Army recruitment posters, but one that's been hijacked by the Joker. A clock in the upper right-hand corner counts down to the time the Warners panel is supposed to begin and coordinates within the site lead to San Diego. And you know what's in San Diego, right? No, not the Padres -- the Con!

I have to say, the Joker does have a way with words. His little recruitment speech almost has me wanting to join up. Here's a taste: "Enjoy a career in a lucrative, ultra high-profile field. Our associates make their own hours, enjoy great benefits and, in some cases, work from home." Sign me up dude! From what we understand, Warners will unveil the first teaser for The Dark Knight this afternoon (which may or may not be the one we linked to yesterday). Along with the teaser, it's our hope we'll get some additional photos or something. Anything. Along with The Dark Knight, Warners will also be offering up previews of Zack Snyder's Watchmen, Kate Beckinsale's Whiteout, Steve Carell's Get Smart and the supernatural flick One Missed Call. Stay tuned into Cinematical as we'll once again be liveblogging the Warner Bros. panel for all fans who insist on receiving info the minute it's announced. Meanwhile, The Dark Knight arrives in theaters on July 18, 2008.