I'd just like to take a second to mourn what I thought would be a great career for Thora Birch. She went from a number of "eh" roles to a really breakout performance in American Beauty. A few years later, she starred in the ultra-quirky and likable Ghost World, which nabbed her a Golden Globe nod, and a chilling stint in the thriller The Hole with Keira Knightley. Sure, she had a bit part in Silver City, which was far from horror, but beyond that, it's like she made a pact with the devil to give up the non-ghoulish, non-dark cinema.

The latest in her ever-growing list -- she's signed on to star in Train, the remake of Terror Train, filling in the shoes of the ultimate Scream Queen, Jamie Lee Curtis. (Scott Weinberg first posted about the film back in April.) While that doesn't mean all hope is lost, since Curtis has some great films once she stopped screaming (although has tanked recently), it's not giving me much hope for the Birch future. It's too bad, especially considering all the crappy 20-something actresses who usually haunt the roles for young women.

The Bulgarian site that brings this news also has word on another film gearing up to shoot in the country -- Shark in Venice. Directed by Danny Lerner, the movie will star the born-again Stephen Baldwin and Vanessa Johansson, Scarlett's older sis. She's getting a heck of a resume lately -- she's got one film completed, and two others in post-production. Will she get as big as her little sister?

[via HorrorMovies.ca]
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