Psst. We had another impressive turnout for last week's Insert Caption contest for The Simpsons Movie, with entries from 175 folks. That's like three times the population of Springfield. We recommend the read for a deeper insight into the link between bestiality and bacon (mmmm). Congrats to the Simpsons: Season 10 DVD winners below. We really hope you have the first nine or let's face it, your DVD collection might look a little bit awkward.

The Simpsons Movie1. "Despite the producers' best efforts, the tension on the set was palpable once Mel Gibson showed up." -- William H.

2. "It got weird...didn't it?"
-- Dawn M.

3. "Bart, I think you should put some pants on." -- Karl L.

This week we're returning to the DVD realm, as the biggest film of early-'07 hits streets on Tuesday. But since we couldn't get a photo from Pathfinder, we bring you badass King Leonidas (Gerard Butler) in his cape and undies from the smash-hit 300. Writers of our three favorite captions will win the DVD and the soundtrack. Good luck.