Given the fact that everywhere you turn at this year's Comic-Con you see something else with Neil Gaiman's name on it, it's surprising that I was able to corner him for an interview with Cinematical.

He had just arrived in San Diego and was busy signing boxes full of books for people attending the convention. I'm surprised his hand didn't give out after writing his own signature over and over. If I fill out the "memo" section on a check, my hand starts to cramp.

We cover all things Stardust, Beowulf, and Neverwhere, and he drops a few tidbits in about Coraline, Sandman, the Death movie, and the new novel he's working on, The Graveyard Book.

He just celebrated passing one million words on his own blog/journal, although one of his favorite moments on it was when his daughter Maddy took over and guest-blogged. Now, if he could just get her started on writing more books ...

Check out the audio interview here, or click on Neil's picture to hear what he has to say in his own words.