As you've no doubt seen over the last two days, my esteemed colleague Kevin Kelly has worked his ass off to bring you as much Comic-Con info as he possibly can. From liveblogging the Paramount and Warner Bros. panels to spilling the news on the casting of Zachary Quinto as Spock in the new Star Trek film to revealing that Karen Allen would indeed appear in the next Indiana Jones movie (which is still in search of a title and still doesn't feature John Rhys-Davies as Indy's sidekick Sallah) and a lot of other great stuff.

In the interest of not looking too bad in comparison and doing my job as well as I can (hey, I'm also writing for CBR while I'm here too so cut me some slack), I'm now going to bring you some news of my own -- direct from the Dimension Films presentation on Friday afternoon here at the Con. This panel and presentation featured two of the production company's upcoming films: the Rob Zombie directed Halloween and Frank Darabont's adaptation of the Steven King novella The Mist. After being repeatedly told not to record the presentations in any way -- audio or video -- the festivities finally got going as somewhat fittingly, a disembodied voice introduced the first film and we went straight into a trailer for Halloween.

Watching it I was stuck by how professional it looked and how much Zombie's confidence and ability as a director seems to have grown since his first film. He's come a long way and it showed on the screen -- at least during the trailer. Later, as you'll discover, I had to re-think my opinion a bit. But in the trailer, the movie looks pretty good so I was pretty happy as we went into the introduction of Rob Zombie and the rest of the panel. Taking the stage and looking quite bad-ass was Rob Zombie himself followed by his lovely wife Sheri Moon Zombie, who plays Deborah, the mother of Mike Myers, actress Scout Taylor-Compton who plays Laurie Strode (the part first made famous by original "scream queen" Jamie Lee Curtis) and the very tall Tyler Mayne, (*corrected spelling) previously seen as Sabertooth in the first X-Men film and playing the part of Michael Myers in the new film.