There is some interesting international news coming from Variety. They're reporting that Cache director Michael Haneke is gearing up for his next film, having just wrapped a U.S. remake of his thriller Funny Games. The new project is interestingly called The White Tape or the Teacher's Tale. Over at Variety, it's all in quotes, so I assume it's the full title, and not two possible titles. Very little is being said about the feature -- it will be co-produced by X-Filme Creative Pool and Les Films du Losange, and will be set in a Northern German village before the first World War. That's the only official news to go on, but there are a few more bits over on the IMDb message boards. It's going to be about the rise of the Nazis, and apparently, actor couple Susanne Lothar and Ulrich Mühe were rumored to be starring. Obviously, with Mühe's passing this week, that won't be the case.

The other news bit is of the more classic variety. Daniel Brühl, who starred in Goodbye, Lenin!, is going to head a new adaptation of Kafka's The Metamorphosisas the giant insect previously known as Gregor Samsa. While I'm not a big fan of the story, it's looking to be an intriguing new project as both the ever-creepy Stephen Rea and one of my favorite young actresses, Anna Paquin, are also starring. I presume they will play Gregor's sister and father, which leaves his mother yet to be cast. Metamorphosis will mark the directorial debut for FeardotCom producer Limor Diamant, so hopefully this will be much, much better -- not that it would be hard to improve on the Stephen Dorff flop.

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