Slow bit by slow bit, the Weinstein Co.'s CG monster movie Igor is getting closer to the screens, but it's not without its share of excitement. Back in March, John Cusack replaced Christian Slater in the title role -- a move still good for the movie, but I can't help but mourn for Slater's participation -- I think his voice would've been great for a wacky scientist. Now we've got another main actor hitting the dust. Jeremy Piven is now out as Igor's nemesis, Schadenfreude, and flamboyant actor Eddie Izzard is in -- it's a pretty big shift in style, but I'm sure it will work just fine. The Hollywood Reporter tried to contact Piven's rep for word on why he left the project, but have yet to hear back.

Unsurprisingly, this change comes with some other news -- the film's producer, Exodus Film Group, has signed a deal for a series of comic books based on the film. This will include adaptations of the movie as well as prequels and sequels. Each series -- the film, prequel and sequel are set to come out starting in May or June of 2008, with the sets published in book form before the film's October 2008 release. If you want to catch up on the project, you can check out my post here, which gives a list of links dating back to 2005.
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