The news about upcoming movies and other exciting stuff just keep flying fast and furious here at Comic-Con International in San Diego. During Thursday and Friday, we've tried to bring you as much info as we can and now that its Saturday, there's even more stuff to share. This time around I'm hanging out in gigantic Hall H at the San Diego Convention Center to bring you news and information about the Rogue Studios / Focus features presentation.

Before I get to the meat, I just want to acknowledge the help I received from a few Elite security personnel and two Comic-Con volunteers inside Hall H. Their help was invaluable and I thank them. Why am I saying this? Well, because without them I probably would not have had a great seat for all the festivities and would have had to deal directly with attendees determined to steal my chair the moment they spotted any opening.

These guys and gals (some of which don't even get paid) work very hard so I just want to thank them for doing a great job controlling people I'm sure are very hard to control. Of course, if the Con had a designated area for the press to sit so we could cover the events that might make things easier. But that's another story for another time.

Anyway, on to the important stuff. First up for the Rogue/Focus features panel was a surprise visit from Neil Gaiman and director Henry Selik with a little surprise announcement of a screening of footage from the still-in-production Coraline movie. According to Gaiman, Coraline, his "scary little story for kids of all ages with people who have button eyes who really want to eat people's souls" which is really "something you need in children's fiction" is now a stop-motion masterpiece with script and direction by Selick -- who is best know for films such as The Nightmare Before Christmas.