The last few years were a bit of a challenge for New Orleans' resident experimental filmmaker Helen Hill. Obviously, there was the Hurricane Katrina disaster, which kept her from her home for one year. However, not too long after returning to New Orleans, the life she was eager to come back to came to an abrupt halt. In the early morning hours of January 4th of this year, an intruder entered her home and shot her and her husband. He survived, and she didn't.

While she spent most of her life in the South, she also spent five years making an impact in Nova Scotia, Canada -- creating films, teaching animation at a college of Art and Design, launching an organization called Food Not Bombs and becoming a Canadian citizen. In honor of her contributions to the Canadian province, the Linda Joy Media Arts Society of Halifax is sponsoring an award for Canadian animators in her name. As the press release states: "Helen was a gifted filmmaker and film educator who was active in many communities across the continent. Her clear and engaging presence can be felt in all her work, as well as an implicit and warm invitation to join in the sheer enjoyment of it, and the life from which it was drawn."

Applications for the inaugural prize will be accepted until October 6, and the winner will be announced by November 11. If you're curious about the filmmaker, Jim Monroe from No Media Kings has a great post up about his friendship with Hill, which includes some video and links.
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