The filming has now wrapped on Adam Resurrected, the movie which I last posted about back in December starring Jeff Goldblum (Adam Stein) and Willem Dafoe (Commandant Klein), and the buzz is beginning. The film is about a clown who is taken to a camp and must entertain the victims who are going to be killed -- he plays the violin for them. While this sounds like never-released The Day the Clown Cried, it's a bit different -- his time in the camp is only the start of the story. He survives his internment and after the war, he goes to Israel. After suffering a nervous breakdown while trying to find his last surviving family member, he enters an asylum for Holocaust survivors.

The latest word is that the film, which also stars Run Lola Run'sMoritz Bleibtreu and Munich'sAyelet Zurer, is that it's planned to premiere at the Berlin Film Festival next February. While it might seem like any other Holocaust movie, Resurrected is a pretty big deal because it's said to be the first time that German and Israeli filmmakers have come together to film the subject. It's also considered quite risky; a German critic wrote that it is a "risky tightrope walk which, if it is too funny, is in danger of mocking Holocaust survivors, if it is too serious, misrepresents the character of the book." Personally, I love the mix of the story and the cast, and can't wait to see Goldblum and Dafoe on-screen together. Hopefully it will have a better initial reception than Yoram Kaniuk's book originally did -- it had flopped: "At that time no one in Israel wanted to hear victims' stories."
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