Writer and historian Richard Flanagan took some time out to speak with Australian ABC North Coast radio recently; he talked about writing Australia with Baz Luhrmann and spending some time with the film's star, Nicole Kidman. I like to just casually drop big news like this too, like for instance today I was driving to the library to finish writing up my Comic-Con posts, and I saw a guy who played a recurring character with no names on Just Shoot Me in traffic next to me. I'm just sayin'.

Anyhow, the Australia shoot, which we've been writing about endlessly, is why Nicole couldn't be at Comic-Con touting The Invasion, and the interview is an interesting listen. Head here and click the audio tab, and head down to the interview with Flanagan. Notice that he calls Kidman "unremarkable to look at." [Ryan -- what is he, insane?] He says that in the flesh she's awkward and nervous, but she can turn on the jets when she needs to. He even claims to have brought this up with Luhrmann, who told him that Kidman simply has the ability to "act beautiful."
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