I've been continually impressed with Nick Cassavetes as a director ever since he managed to make a whole lot of men cry with The Notebook. His last film, Alpha Dog, was pretty good too -- not only did it prove that Anton Yelchin is an actor to watch out for, but Justin Timberlake also showed up in fine form. Now, Variety tells us Cassavetes is looking to pull another Timberlake with that dude's ex-girlfriend Cameron Diaz. She'll be starring in a rare drama as the mother of a girl who brings her parents to court with hopes of emancipation. Oh, but she ain't some spoiled girl who thinks she's better than mom and pops -- there's a whole lot more to the story, and it involves the touchy subject of conceiving a child so that said child can save a fellow sibling.

New Line will shell out My Sister's Keeper, based on the book written by Jodi Picoult. Aside from coming from the same studio, pic will also reunite The Notebook team of Cassavetes (director), Jeremy Leven (screenwriter) and Mark Johnson (producer). In the film, Diaz will play a former defense attorney who heads back to the courtroom to defend herself and her husband when they're sued for emancipation by their 13 year-old daughter. Thing is, the reason the daughter was conceived was because she'd be a genetic match and help provide organs to hopefully save her cancer-ridden sister's life. The girl sues for emancipation because she feels she should have the right to her own body. Oh the nerve! Diaz in a drama as a lawyer? I'm not so sure I see it yet, but if Cassavetes can somehow make me cry while the Charlie's Angel is on screen, I would hope the Academy would create a special category just for that. My Sister's Keeper begins shooting this fall; currently, Diaz is the only one signed on.

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