Confession time: I kind of have a soft spot for the Resident Evil movies. (Forgive me if I don't pause for any stunned silence.) I think the first movie is a perfectly entertaining live-action comic book, full of silly mayhem, kinetic chases, goopy monsters, stylish artifice, and semi-smart ideas. As far as Resident Evil: Apocalypse is concerned, well, even I'm not that shameless. I've actually TRIED to enjoy the thing as a guilty pleasure, but it's just three degrees too inept to earn even that designation. Still, it's tough to get bored when you've got Milla Jovovich and Sienna Guillory slaying zombies in skimpy clothes. (The girls, not the zombies.)

Having blathered all that, I suppose that the third entry in the series (Russell Mulcahy'sResident Evil: Extinction), which opens (loudly) on September 21, could tip the scales on way or another: If Part 3 is worth a wet slap, then the genre fans will remember the series as satisfying brain candy with a weak center. If Part 3 sucks, then we'll recall the Resident Evil flicks like this: "Yeah, I remember those. They sucked. The first one was kinda good. Wait, was it?"

Anyway, you may have already experienced the recently-released theatrical trailer for RE3, but if you like a little more gore in your promotional materials, then you'll want to click right here to savor the R-rated goodness of a good ol' red-band trailer. (Not recommended for the squeamish, the extremely pregnant, or those offended by female thighs.) I first saw this trailer before a screening of I Know Who Killed Me (seriously, I don't want to talk about it) and it was definitely lacking a lot of the slime, the splats, and the massive open head wounds. Hooray for all the less-than-mindless zombie mayhem. Perfect way to close down a raucous summer movie season if you ask me. Only time (and box office returns) will tell if we're due for a Resident Evil: Ultimate Armageddon Explosion Mega-Catastrophe Apocalypse Extinction Elimination Deathfest Part 4. (Check out our previous Extinction coverage here, here and here. And if you're really love zombies even more than Milla, try here, here and here.)