Robert Downey Jr. in Iron Man"Wow, there are a lot of you."

It was a refrain heard over and over again as actors and filmmakers representing some of Hollywood's biggest upcoming films gazed out over a sea of some 6,500 fans seated in Hall H of the San Diego Convention Center at this past weekend's 38th Annual Comic-Con (get our full coverage of the events here). In all the sold-out convention hosted 120,000 fanboys and girls of all ages. No wonder movie studios have anointed Comic-Con the ideal setting to debut footage and introduce casts from their tentpole films and hopeful blockbusters.

Yet despite panels that included early looks at Indiana Jones 4, Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk and Watchmen, earth-shattering announcements were few and far between, and most dealt with casting. In a live feed from the Indy set, Steven Spielberg, who sat alongside stars Harrison Ford, Ray Winstone and Shia LaBeouf (still in shock that he's in Indiana Jones), pulled up a chair for Karen Allen, now reprising the role of Marian Ravenwood. And though casting announcements for Watchmen (Billy Crudup, Patrick Wilson, Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and Star Trek XI (Zachary Quinto as a young Spock) had been leaked online in the days prior, Trek director J.J. Abrams brought the house down when he brought out Leonard Nimoy, who will also appear as Spock. The creators of The Chronicles of Narnia, meanwhile, announced that next May's Prince of Caspian will be followed by an additional installment releasing every summer through 2013.