Welcome back to the Hall H show direct from Comic-Con International in beautiful downtown San Diego. For the last few days its been Comic-Con, Comic-Con, Comic-Con and will be probably be that way or the next few days too -- that is if Kevin and I both don't keel over first from all the running around, fighting to get into Halls and chasing reluctant celebs who would rather do almost anything else than be interviewed. Which, if you think about it, is sorta odd for someone who makes their living in the public eye.

Anyway, once again I'm in the still-freezing Hall H to bring you all the latest news, pictures and maybe even some surprises or two.This time around I'm attending the Sony Pictures / Screen Gems presentation to take a look at some of their upcoming projects. On the menu this afternoon we've got an eclectic mix of films, genres and stars to hopefully spark you're interest and generate a little excitement. The films that we get to partake of today include a couple that I, being a huge horror fan, am really looking forward to: Resident Evil: Extinction and 30 Days of Night.

We're also going to get a look at a couple of projects from the mind of comic genius and all-around nice guy Judd Apatow, writer and/or producer of such classic comedies as The 40 Year Old Virgin and Knocked Up. He'll be bringing us the deets on his latest films Superbad and Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story. With a title like that, the film just has to be funny, right? Well, let's find out, shall we?