You'll think I'm shamelessly name-dropping but it's a relevant (and amusing) story, so here goes: I once got to sit down with director Neil Marshall during a one-on-one interview at the Sundance Film Festival. (I agreed to the interview because I'd seen both of the guy's movies and was very enthusiastic about both. Ask Kim or James how often I do interviews. I can't stand 'em.) Anyway, more than eight months later I was in London to visit the 28 Weeks Later set, and one night a bunch of us horror nerds went out drinking. "My friend Neil is going to meet us here," said the lovely Axelle Caroyln of Fangoria Magazine. So imagine my surprise when "Neil" turned out to be not only Neil Marshall -- but also that the guy actually remembered dorky ol' me from that Sundance sit-down!

So yeah, the director of Dog Soldiers and The Descent is every bit the low-key, good-natured, horror-addicted movie freak you might suspect, and the whole bunch of us spent about three hours in a dingy pub discussing the guy's next movie. The script was called Doomsday, the conversation was off the record, and (needless to say) the night was a drunken hoot.

So now that Mr. Marshall's Doomsday is finished production in London, Scotland and South Africa, and marching firmly into the realm of internet marketing, I thought it was time to take a closer look at a project I know only from one lengthy and beer-filled conversation. (See? I told you that anecdote was relevant!) So far we know that Doomsday will be a gritty futuristic action thriller that stars Rhona Mitra, Malcolm McDowell, Bob Hoskins and the awesome Sean Pertwee. So far so good. The story deals with a Britain that's been walled up and infected for three full decades -- until someone has to re-enter the danger zone for a very important reason. (Yes, I'm still trying to remain relatively spoiler-free.)
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