I probably should've written this post last night, but couldn't find the time to get to it. If I had written it last night, then I would've been able to include Iron Man here as well, however those tricksters over at Paramount have removed the Iron Man ComicCon footage from YouTube and so we're all sh*t out of luck. I did happen to catch the Iron Man stuff before it was taken down, and I have to say it all looked pretty fantastic. I've never been an Iron Man fan, and I was weary about Jon Favreau taking on such an ambitious project, but based on what they showed it looks like Iron Man could be the film to watch out for come next summer. Another film that has lots of people talking is The Incredible Hulk re-launch -- with Edward Norton signed up to play the green monster before he's made angry.

Luckily, the brief snippet of footage from next summer's The Incredible Hulk is still online over at YouTube (as of right this second). I'm not sure if it's just not important enough to take down, or if there's barely enough there to be worried about -- but at least I have something to hand you this morning. Unlike the four plus minutes of Iron Man stuff, this Hulk "concept art" is only about 20 seconds and it features a close-up of the new Hulk, in all his green, angsty glory. Cinematical's Kevin Kelly live-blogged the entire Marvel panel at ComicCon, and so to hear more about what stars Edward Norton and Liv Tyler had to say about their roles, head on over here. Luckily, we were also able to grab some secret footage of the Hulk's transformation which, I'll admit, is a little rough and cartoonish in its current form -- but hey, at least it's something. The Incredible Hulk will smash its way into theaters on June 13, 2008.