For comic geeks and the like, I guess San Diego ComicCon is like getting to star in your very own version of My Super Sweet Sixteen, except instead of walking away with a pricey convertible, you get an Iron Man t-shirt. But it's cool -- to some, that t-shirt is worth so much more. This year's Con was pretty damn important, with regards to next summer's crop of blockbusters. Unlike this summer where most of the films were third or fourth installments in a lucrative franchise, the summer of 2008 features a new franchise, the re-launch of another, the return (after 19 years) of one more and then a few sequels. And so I think it's safe to say there was a lot more riding on this year's Con versus the last, and I'm happy to report no one let us down. At least, I wasn't.

Last week I asked what you were most looking forward to at ComicCon. Most of you were all over the place in your answers -- from Whedon to Iron Man, there wasn't any overwhelming buzz geared toward one particular project. But now that ComicCon is over, I'm wondering if you were left anticipating something even more? For me, hearing Karen Allen will return as Marion Ravenwood to the Indiana Jones franchise certainly left me all jazzed. And that Iron Man footage -- while it was still online -- looked far better than I had imagined. Did Downey Jr. look like a pimp or what? Did a new Dark Knight image and teaser trailer make you feel better about Heath Ledger as the Joker? Or how about the announcement that Leonard Nimoy will return as Captain Spock along with a younger version to be played by Zachary Quinto? Could there be a better Watchmen cast? And are you upset that J.J. Abrams and his Cloverfield poster didn't lead us on a three-day viral scavenger hunt? Was enough information handed out, or would you have liked to see more? Did ComicCon live up to the hype this year?

So, I ask you: Now that ComicCon is over, is your 2008 anticipation meter any higher than it was prior to the convention in San Diego?