It's getting to the point where one could make a list of the "Top 100 Movie Lists Released in 2007," and still have some left over. Yet another one hit the net this weekend, "The Online Film Community's Top 100 Movies." Here's how the list was formed: over 50 movie website writers (you can see the list of participants on the site) were asked for an unranked list of their top 100 movies. The list could include any feature-length film, in any language, including documentaries. From there, the list of nominees was narrowed to 502 films. Then all the contributors were sent the nominee list, picked and ranked their top 100 choices, and those choices were "scored according to placement on each list as well as factoring in the amount of lists it appeared on." Got all that? The final collection they came up with skews a bit more modern, a bit more "genre film" heavy, and a lot more action-packed than most similar lists.

The major change here is that, for once, Citizen Kane is not the highest ranked film. The Godfather is in the number one spot here (don't worry Kaners, it's #2). No documentaries made the cut, and foreign films are in fairly short supply. The only two animated films on the list are Pixar -- Toy Story and The Incredibles. We all love the classics, but what sets this list apart is how many oft-neglected recent films made it. I would imagine that is due to the younger age of the average online writer. On the action side, it's great to see films like Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Heat,Aliens, and the glorious Die Hard make the grade. As far as comedies go, happy to see Back to the Future, The Big Lebowski, Groundhog Day, Ghostbusters and Ed Wood get some love. As for dramas, hooray for L.A. Confidential, Blue Velvet, Do the Right Thing, and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. I've got some grievances, of course. Fight Club a better movie than Goodfellas? Ridonkulous! Run Lola Run superior to Unforgiven? Unforgivable! But it's a really solid collection, and one I'd imagine will find more support from Cinematical readers than, say, the AFI's recent ranking.

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