It seems like another lifetime ago when Corey Feldman was the bad boy and Corey Haim was the good-boy darling. Personally, I was quite a fan of The Haim and how he said "Hello, honey" in Dream a Little Dream, and thought he was the star to the dark Mr. Feldman. Their successes succumbed to battles with drugs, and now Feldman is the clean and stable Corey trying to help his old friend regain the spotlight. The New York Times spent some time with the actors, whose faux reality show premiered last night, and as Feldman sees it: "We're producing. We're in on the joke." But are they?

Earlier this month, Erik Davis posted about a clip from the show where Feldman tells Haim that he was approached for The Lost Boys sequel, but they didn't want Lucas too. Haim cried, and the pair shared a particularly creepy, sad moment. I would hazard a guess that Haim is trying to be in on the joke in order to help his career, but not completely feeling it -- sort of a "Hey, I'm cool and can make fun of myself! Hire me!" In the Times piece, Mickey Rapkin describes a point in their dinner where a young woman approaches their table for a picture of Feldman. When she was walking away, Feldman called after her: "Corey Haim is right there. Take his picture." Rapkin then describes: "The fan turned to Mr. Haim. 'Do you want me to take your picture?' she asked reluctantly. He was already leaning back, posing."

The scene sounds like something that would've been perfect for the show -- if they follow the same theme as the clip -- Feldman trying to help his struggling and sad friend. The pair might be producing the show, but I wonder if this will just make people pity and joke about Haim all the more, instead of helping the actor move past his struggles. At least Haim didn't bite on another pitch, where a producer wanted him to "knock on the doors of former co-stars to see if they would let him in." Ouch. If any of you have seen The Two Coreys, what do you think?