These days, hearing about drugs and cinema usually brings to mind a certain Miss Lohan and her struggles with booze, drugs and reckless driving. Sometimes, that's only the start. Famous Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt has had a rough go of things. A struggle with drug addiction and the deaths of both his mother and first wife were unfortunately just the beginning of the famous actor's plight. Along with much Bollywood success in films like Mission Kashmir and Lage Raho Munnabhar, Dutt found himself in deep water. Way back in 1993, he was arrested in connection with the terrible bombings in Mumbai in 1993, which killed 257 people. After many years and investigations for further troubles like money-laundering and connections with kidnappers and extortionists, he's heading to jail.

The actor's connection to Mumbai -- he had acquired a mass of weapons believed to be part of the consignment used in the bombings. He kept one of the pieces, a rifle, which he later instructed his friends to destroy when he came under suspicion. Fourteen years after his original arrest, and on bail since 1995, Dutt has been sentenced to six years in jail and fined 25,000 rupees ($625). Judge Pramod Kode said: "The crime was not brutal, cruel, ghastly, inhuman, not anti-social, not immoral and did not result in any harm to anyone," but he added that it was still a serious offense.

This might stop his acting career, but I'm thinking the chances for a biopic are pretty good -- famous terrorism, drug addiction and death? What else does a story need?
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