He's either really hot right now, or he's indecisive. Just last week we heard that Carl Franklin (Devil in a Blue Dress)would be directing The Maintenance Man, which he had decided to do instead of Tulia (now to be helmed by John Singleton). Today The Hollywood Reporter has Franklin linked to another project, a thriller at New Line titled Snitch. Of course, he could be lining up the film as his next job following The Maintenance Man. But the only thing THR mentions as being on his slate is an episode of HBO's upcoming miniseries The Pacific. Personally, I would be fine if Franklin abandoned The Maintenance Man, which sounds beneath him, but I'd also like to see him make up his mind. It's been four years since his last release, Out of Time.

Snitch seems like a good project for the director. Written by Justin Haythe (The Clearing) and based on an episode of PBS' Frontline documentary series from 1999, the film will focus on Joey Settembrino, an 18-year-old looking at about 30 years in prison for selling drugs after being ratted out by a snitch. To help his son get off with a lighter sentence, Joey's father goes undercover in an attempt to deliver other drug dealers to the feds, a plan that was actually suggested by the government. I'm picturing a movie similar to Paul Schrader's Hardcore, which is about a father doing detective work in an underworld setting in order to save his daughter. Frontline producer David Fanning will also be producing the adaptation along with Haythe and Spitfire Pictures' Guy East and Nigel Sinclair. As far as I know, it will be the first movie spun-off from the series.

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