Cinematic nudity has always been a mainly female phenomenon. Heck, naked women bits are all over the place -- we see it on screen, television, billboards -- you name it. If you're a man who likes womanly skin, or happen to be someone who saw Knocked Up, you know about Mr. Skin. The entire website is dedicated to noting female nudity in film -- down to the type of skin displayed, the length of the nudity and part of film that it is shown in. Since its mention in the Judd Apatow comedy alone, the visitor count jumped 35%. But what about the male bits?

They're just not there. It's as if all boys are just treasure-trailing Ken dolls. In an article a few years ago, pop culture expert Mark Kingwell rationalizes: "Guys don't like to see penises in film, because they are either too small (in travel mode) and therefore not worth all the fuss, or too big (in action mode) and so threatening to self-esteem." Ah, the fragile male ego! Although male genitalia has been pretty scarce, it's increasingly finding its way on the big screen, and luckily for us, it's not just the Bad Lieutenant, Harvey Keitel variety.

While researching this Seven, I hit the video stores to see some of the more infamous examples of male nudity on film. At the top of the list is Ewan I Don't Mind Showing My Bits MacGregor's The Pillow Book. Unfortunately, I couldn't find it anywhere. I even tried Blockbuster, where the man behind the desk said: "The movie where Ewan MacGregor gets naked? No, we don't have it." In honor of the actor's most infamous de-robing, which I can't find to rent, you won't see the Trainspotting star on this list. And for that matter -- I could make another list with equally shocking or notable male nudity, but instead, I give you these seven. They span time, rationale, situations and levels of gratuitousness. Enjoy!
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